Malta reacts to X Factor Malta’s Celine passing through to the finals

It seems like whenever Alex’s category is up, controversy seems to follow on socials. First it was the decision to take Jozie to the Judges’s houses, even shocking fellow judge Howard, and now people cannot seem to agree on whether Celine should have made it through to the finals or not.

Now don’t get us wrong, we know Celine is a diamond in the rough with that voice of hers, and with the proper training, that girl is going places.

But the question still stands, did others merit a place to the final more than she did?

Some were all for team Celine

“Great voice…very particular! …. the best one from her category (the bar wasn’t set really high either with the chosen ones from the overs….)”


“Today was the first time I liked the performance… really loved how strong your voice really is!! Well done! You deserved to be in the top 3 of the overs.

[Still really disappointed how Chantal did not pass cause she deserved to pass for sure]”

Others were bummed out that Chantal didn’t make the cut

“All together now …….. Shame on you; Alex-OUT , Chantal-IN”

“Chantal Michelle, You should have went through, you were the only one who was perfect!”

Some were concerned about Celine’s stage presence more than her vocal abilities

“Nuqqas ta versatilità, Chantal kella tkun hemm..

Imma nahseb certu decizjonijiet kontroversjali jaghmlu l-programm iktar popolari…”

“I think she has a lot of talent and I have an impression that some people are seeing her physical appearance only not her talent… If that is the case, it is not fair as she is a brilliant singer.

Choices should have been better considering the competition they will face at Live shows..”

And then there were those who just couldn’t get behind Alex’s decision

“I’m sorry but I do not like her voice, she sounds angry all the time, it’s not pleasant at all.”

“No sorry…its not the type of voice I could listen to all day …her voice to me is annoying .”

And found some really creative ways how to say it too…

“I bet Alexandra gave out terrible Christmas presents because her decision skills are horrendous.”

What do you think? Should Celine have gone through to the finals or not? Let us know in the comments

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