Malta reacts to singer labelling dog as a ‘murderer’

Earlier this week singer Davinia posted a video on her Instagram and said she was ‘in shock’ over the death of her Basset Hound, Sophie.

Walking through the streets of New York, she says that a relative’s dog had ‘murdered’ her dog.

She then explains that her dog died as a result of a heart attack after Pandora, the other dog, jumped on her while Sophie was swimming in the sea, which resulted in Sophie swallowing a lot of water, leading to the dog’s unfortunate death.

She then asks her followers to be more aware of ‘vicious’ dogs.

This then led to a social media uproar as people criticised Davinia for her use of the word ‘murder’.

This morning, one social media user highlighted the fact that Basset Hounds are not very good swimmers and said that this should have been taken into consideration.

One user had this to say about the labelling of a Pitbull as a ‘murderer’:

“I will say she did make the Pitbull look like the villain because it’s these kinds of stories and behaviour that gave the Pitbull a bad name”.

Others decided to use this as a lesson to prospective Pitbull owners and stressed the importance to research about the breed before making the decision to adopt the dog. Similarly, this user had this to say:

“nies jafgu bla esperjenza u dejjem ibati l-kelb habba l-injoranza tan-nies”.

Some, however, defended the singer and said that we should stop this ‘people bashing’.

Meanwhile, Davinia has since said that Pandora has been sent back to Noah’s Ark and revealed how ‘distraught and devastated’ she is about Sophie and pleaded for people to ‘get [their] facts right’.

What do you think of labelling a dog as a ‘murderer’?

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