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Malta reacts to pineapple on pizza post

As 2020 starts to kick in slowly, we’re here to discuss one of the enigmas that has baffled boomers, millennials, and Gen Zers alike for the past decade … does pineapple go on pizza?

While many will use their dying breath to state that throwing pineapple on pizza is a sacrilege and a half, pizzerias around the island beg to differ as pizza topped with pineapple is a staple dish in any pizza menu within this country.

A recent Facebook post has seen many pizza-loving citizens giving their two cents on the matter … and let’s just say the responses were absolutely hilarious.

Many made their case, straight and plain. Pineapple on pizza is a sin

“Pineapple on pizza should be punishable by burning at the stake.”

“Pineapple goes on nothing”

“These are the people my mother warned me about as a child”

But the pineapple on pizza lovers rose to the occasion

“It’s to weed out the sheep who believe what they’re told rather than try shit for themselves. Pineapple pizza lovers are of the Einstein race.”

“Pineapple pizza is god tier. Pineapple pizza haters are just unadventurous and unwilling to try anything that tastes remotely new or unorthodox.”

“Its sad that a lot of people say its disgusting because its trendy to say so 🙁 its actually pretty good. The sweetness really balances out the savoury flavour of the pizza.”

“You know, I’m ok with people denying themselves the juicy goodness that is pineapple on pizza”

And this comment right here merits a section on its own

“I think it’s decent if it’s just pineapple, but we can all agree that adding that foreskin some people call ham is where shit gets nasty”

And when all else failed … they blamed the Americans

“Americans have ruined the godly food known as pizza by using this awful invention”

“This is filthy American brainwashing!”

Does pineapple go on pizza? Let us know what you think in the comments!