Malta reacts to Alex Alden’s six chair challenge decisions

With the final six chair challenge episode of the X Factor Malta done and dusted, many were left baffled and confused as to why some performers made it through and some were sent home.

Loads of people took to their socials, with one post on popular Facebook group the Salott, harbouring a mix of opinions of Alex Alden’s decisions for the night.

The post was a simple one, asking people what they thought of last night’s episode.

Hateful comments towards Alex herself were quite common

“Ma nafx kif wara sena l-ohra regat maret onestament. laqwa nies li kellha cans kbir bijhom tibqgha sejra sal finals baghtithom dar. Proset ee haqek Oscar kbir!!”

“I hope they remove her next year she always f**** up”

“They should have removed her the moment she blamed the audience for her shitty choices last year.”

But comments praising her for her judging methods also made an appearance

“She’s the judge and I think she is professional enough in music to have made the right choice.”

“Alija she s The best, most honest and no sugar coating. Xi haga li al hafna nies difficli jacettaw hija ir realta.”

Some were lost for words, so they resorted to poop emojis

Many mentioned how sad they were to see some people go

“Removing Benjamin was a total mistake! Sometimes the judges really make me wonder if they actually hear what I hear.”

“Alex made the worst of all decisions in eliminating Rhys, Michelle and Francesca”

But the most common comments were the ones voicing their opinion on how Francesca was robbed of an opportunity

“Removing Francesca was the worst decision… Then she wonders why her contestants get eliminated first! There were a couple of others that did not deserve to have that chair..”

“It was very unfair for Francesca 🙁 Francesca gave a very amazing performance.”

“She makes strange judgments … Francesca was one of her best singers tonight and eliminated her when there was a couple of other singers that should not have a chair …”

“In my opinion removing francesca was her worst decision.”

And people took the Francesca erasure thing so badly that they even created a petition for it!

What do you think about Alex’s decisions during last night’s episode of the X Factor Malta?

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