Malta Ranks First For E-Government Services in Europe


The European Commission’s eGovernment Benchmark Reports for 2021 has ranked Malta as the first for online government services in Europe.



The survey looked at 36 countries. Malta scored 96% followed by Estonia, which attained a score of 92%. ‘Their digital government is the most user-centric, transparent, technologically enabled and open to users from other European countries’, the report says.


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User centricity points towards the quality of the service design and how easy it is for customers to use on both mobile and PC. In this regard, Malta obtained a score of 99%, 11 points higher than the European average.



The country went on to score 98% in transparency in the services provided, while the European average stands at 64%. Malta’s public service even placed first in all the criteria of the exercise.


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Malta went on to score 98% in key enablers, which combines technical elements considered crucial for the delivery of online government services to the general public. The European average stands at 61%.



In the meantime, cross-border services, which indicates the accessibility of services from other countries, Malta attained a score of 90%, 35% higher than the European average.


The government stated that Malta previously achieved first place in 2020 too, among other previous years.