Malta Ranks Among Top 13 World-Wide Retirement Havens

Malta, which is officially the sunniest nation in Europe, has now been named one of the world’s retirement havens by the Overseas Retirement Index.

The study, which has been conducted for more than 30 years, looks at 13 categories, including health care, recreation, entertainment and lifestyle.

The Overseas Retirement Index said: ‘From its weather and food to its history and culture, Malta is not only the best in Mediterranean Europe but also one of your most affordable options for embracing this lifestyle.

‘Because Malta ticks so many boxes—with its superb health care, low crime rate, fantastic climate, and friendly locals—it is a country with broad appeal… quintessential Mediterranean Europe. And, notably, it’s the only place you can experience the famed Mediterranean way of life among locals who speak English.’

Go Malta!

The top 13 retirement havens for 2020 include

13. Malta

12. Ecuador

11. Indonesia


9. Vietnam

8. France

7. Thailand

6. Dominican Republic

5. Italy

4. Colombia

3. Belize

2. Mexico

1. Portugal