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Malta Ranks Among Top 12 Places Around The World To Retire In

Travel and Leisure website walks readers through the top 12 places world-wide ideal to retire in, and Malta is the first one to be mentioned!

The website describes Malta as:

“Located south of Sicily, Malta’s climate is sunny and warm, with temperatures rarely falling below the 50s. English is the second official language of Malta, and many residents speak Italian in addition to Maltese. Living costs are somewhat lower than in the U. S., and there’s a large expatriate community including both Americans and Europeans, especially those from the U.K.

Health care is provided through a public system for Malta and European Union citizens, but high quality private health care is available for retirees, and coverage is not expensive. Water sports, golf, and other outdoor activities are widely accessible, and Malta is also home to museums, historic sites, and cultural events.”

Other countries that make the list include Puerto Rico, Barbados, Mallorca in Spain and Penang in Malaysia, among others.

Not too shabby Malta!!