Malta Ranked As World’s 7th Best Country For Commuting


A recent survey by a UK-based price comparison service has analysed the country’s commuting habits and compared them globally, ranking Malta as the 7th best country in the world for commuting…



Uswitch’s survey looked into several countries, analysing several factors such as average commute time and the cost of getting to work, as well as quotas for electric vehicles and accessible charging points on the roads.



Turkey came in at the number one spot for commuting, with an average travelling time of 23 minutes, whilst Malta was found to have a mean commute time of 26 minutes.



The country also received praise for having CO2 emissions of three tonnes per person.


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Uswitch stated, ‘Commuting is a big part of a country’s CO2 emissions, which is why so many are trying to drive people towards greener alternatives. The country that seems to be making the best progress so far is Malta, with CO2 emissions of just 3 tonnes per person’.



At the time of writing, there are over 400,000 licensed vehicles on Maltese roads – most of which are passenger cars. Meanwhile, commercial vehicles make up 13% and motorcycles make up 8%. Shockingly, buses and minibuses make up less than 1% of Malta’s total fleet.


Do you think Malta is efficient in commuting?