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Malta Public Transport Welcomes ‘Slow Streets’ Initiative

Malta Public Transport fully supports the Slow Streets initiative launched by Transport Malta and the Association of Local Councils to promote the use of sustainable means of transport in town centres.

“This is a very important initiative that will leave a positive impact on people’s quality of life,” said Konrad Pulé, General Manager of Malta Public Transport. “We are confident that with adequate planning, our public transport service will be able to further compliment this initiative by offering safe and clean transportation to the community.”

While Malta experienced less polluted and quieter streets, the coronavirus pandemic demonstrated just how efficient the public transport service can be when it is given space within which to operate.

“The past months have shown that when sufficient road space is provided for public transport, the fleet is able to operate at maximum efficiency, lowering journey times by up to 15 minutes per trip during peak times,” continued Pulé. “This means that passengers can move from one place to another quicker, and that bus frequencies can be increased significantly using the same number of buses and resources.”