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Malta Police show off new gender-neutral uniforms

Malta Police have unveiled a radical new-look uniform.

Formal shirts, ties and tunics similar to those worn by the Metropolitan Police in London will be phased out.

They’ll be replaced by short-sleeves and police-branded polo shirts, as well as baseball caps and high visibility jackets.

Planned to be introduced by the end of 2020, the force said the new working uniform is ‘more than just a makeover’, with a greater emphasis on safety and comfort.

The new uniform will also be gender-neutral, worn by both male and female officers.

A police spokesman told 89.7 Bay: ‘The carefully selected design and combination of garments seeks to address the current shortfalls, by using fibers that are specially adapted for the Maltese climate.

‘Officer safety and environment adequacy have also been taken into consideration thanks to the introduction of new features such as reinforced seams, fast-extraction pockets, bump caps and high-visibility in accordance with EU standards.’

Malta Police didn’t reveal what the cost of the new uniform would be.

The summer uniform, featuring a short sleeve style polo-shirt

There’s also a high visibility uniform for officers working at night