Malta Places 4th in New Scientific Study about the World’s Safest Spots to Flee To!


Scientists have worked out the safest places for you to be if a sudden global pandemic threatens to wipe out humanity.

They focused on islands because they are naturally isolated from the spread of contagion and used a variety of criteria to rank where humans could best ride out the storm and rebuild civilisation.



Nations were scored from 0-1 based on whether they had features that could make them a doomsday refuge, such as a good physical location, natural resources and political harmony.



The authors concluded in their paper: “The island nations of Australia, followed by New Zealand, Iceland, and Malta appear most likely to have the features required to act as an effective refuge in the face of a catastrophic global pandemic, from which large-scale technological society can be successfully rebuilt.”

In need of some light reading? You can read this comprehensive study by clicking here.

In the meantime, let us all give a massive round of applause and a thank you to all doctors, nurses, specialists, pharmacists and security officers who are doing their utmost to keep us all safe, but we must always remember that we too have to do our bit.


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