Malta placed at number 16 in the Eurovision finals

Michela eurovision finals

The finals were great, and Michela’s performance was outstanding, but it wasn’t enough to qualify us in the Top 10!

After the jury votes, Malta was comfortably sitting at the 10th place. After receiving only 20 points from the televoting, Malta went down to the 16th place.

We’re still super happy that we went through to the finals for the first time after three years.

The voting system kept us at the edge of our seat till the very end, with the North Macedonia at first place for most of the jury votes, changing at the last minute when Italy made it to the top.

Once the televoting votes started to be announced, The Netherlands quickly rose to the top, followed by Italy and Russia.

Eurovision 2020 will be held in the Netherlands after Duncan Laurence took home the trophy with his song Arcade.

A huge well done to Michela! You’ve made all of Malta proud.