Malta Outraged At ‘Pig Sty’ Left Behind On Marsascala’s Streets

As measures are slowly being eased and people are more prone to leave the safety of their home to roam the Maltese streets, it seems like humans are slowly going back to their old ways… particularly when it comes to throwing away their waste.

A recent post on Facebook group Are You Being Served exposed bins around Marsascala full to the brim with other waste scattered on the floor around the bin’s circumference.

Needless to say, after weeks of seeing workers disinfect every area of the island, and trying to keep Malta as clean as possible, people were absolutely outraged, but not all for the same reason.

“Omg. What a disgrace. Is it that difficult to keep it n a plastic bag, take it home with you and dispose of it there? What a pig sty. I would be embarrassed knowing that I left that sight behind me while throwing something away. A bunch of irresponsible people. Apart from all the moths, cockroaches and rats that they’re inviting. It’s true what they say. I come first, second, third, and if there’s any left, I am first in that as well.”

“It’s started. Overpopulated country, everyone littering. Beaches packed with people, full of rubbish, smell of BBQ everywhere, etc.”

“The worst virus ever… human kind!!!”

“I went for a walk with my dog at 7 am this morning. I saw 5 face masks and 2 lots of rubber gloves just thrown on the floor and pavements. Disgusting! Come on people, use the bins that were only a few metres away. Keep our island clean, please.”

“The problem is that I is more important than we and our environment. Fines fines fines and cameras will guarantee a very clean environment.£

“Some people think that if your job is cleaning this streets, they can litter wherever they want knowing someone will be picking up behind them. They’re people like us, not your slaves. Come on guys, pick up after yourselves!”

Some, however, took a different approach and blamed this whole scenario on the bins not being big enough. 

“Those bins are not adequate enough. They are tooooo small. On beaches especially, the authorities need to put bigger and much wider ones. No need to have a Ph.d to realise that with such population they need to be changed asap. Those bins are seen everywhere. Waste Management pls take note important.”

“Maybe if there was a bigger bin, all the waste that’s on the floor would be in it, I wonder what the council can do about it … oh I know put BIGGER bins instead of whining.”

“How about roping catering establishments to solve the problem? From what I can see their business is the source of this inconvenience. How about them sponsoring larger skips or organising garbage collection mid-evening to alleviate the problem? We cannot expect the authorities (our monies) to always pick up the slick!”

“This is not about the humans, but I noticed that all the bins are like that. Local Cleaners are still working or?”

What do you think about this? Our our bins too small, or our actions not considerate enough?


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