Malta Outraged at Death of Cat Who Lost Its Paws In Harvesting Machine Accident

Over the weekend, a cat was found with its paws sawed off following an alleged accident with a harvesting machine in a field nearby.

It was taken to an animal hospital for treatment, however, it did not make it out alive.

Many people following the story took to their socials to express their outrage at such a horrible situation.

“Yeah – Harvesting accident!! And I’m a Pink Panda….. Has the person operating that machine come forward? And we’d like to see a pic of the machine – as I stated before such a machine would have crushed this unfortunate one not just ‘injured badly’ all his four paws – poor little baby😓😓😓”

“If it was an accident, why are the police still looking into it? What type of a complete psychopath ‘accidentally’ injures an animal like this and then leaves it on the pavement like that? This is a BULLSHIT excuse and an insult to people’s common sense. Authorities just want to let this fade to the back of people’s minds and not do anything about it. Much respect to the vets providing treatment and a humane ending to this poor baby and to all the people taking care of their stray cats.”

“So sad poor baby no more suffering qalbi”

“We need CCTV’S everywhere in our roads! No cat will lay there quietly in the noise let alone a harvesting machine approaching him! And IF it was an accident, you still have to be a psychopath to leave a cat there like that!”

The images were shared in a popular animal support group, by a woman who came across the injured cat in Triq tal-Ħlas.

“Coming down from the church there is a cat with its arms and legs cut off… it’s in pain, when I went near it, it started groaning,” said the woman.

Malta’s police have launched an investigation into the matter.

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