Malta Outraged As Marsascala Sea Front Was Left Littered Over The Weekend

Over the past couple of weeks, Malta has been adjusting to a new normal, but it seems like some things are not new at all.

People have started re-visiting restaurants, and perhaps a bit more frequently, beaches.

A post on popular Facebook page The Salott seems to have enraged a large number of people.

The caption was a simple ‘Prosit e!’ which spoke volumes with the followers of the page, as it garnered almost 500 angry comments in a span of 24 hours.

Many left angry comments saying something along the lines of ‘humanity is the worst kind of virus for the planet.’

“And the humans are out again spreading the virus called ignorance…..”

“Disgusting, we have a very very long long way to go to educate those minds!”

“Looks like the humans are out again”

“The only way to solve this ignorance is through huge (not pittance) fines ON THE SPOT, if you don`t have enough money, it will be doubled! We cannot keep up with this!”

“You sure they were not abducted by aliens studying low IQ level humans?”

“What kind of stupid ignorant people do these stupid ignorant things? The disrespect for the environment and also for the person who has to come after you and pick up your crap is unbelievable…shameful and asinine ”

What do you think about all of this?


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