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Malta opens its first plastic-free, zero waste shop

ReRoot, a shop in Iklin, opened by two siblings and a husband, has become the first plastic-free and zero waste shop to open in Malta.

The concept behind the shop is simple. A shop where its shelves are stacked with reusable, recyclable or refilliable items.

Jean Paul Farrugia and his sister Christine where on a beach in Phuket, Thailand when the idea struck. While picking seashells on the beach, they realised it was littered in plastic and other rubbish, and it was at that moment that they realised something needed to be done.

“It was really shocking. We had always wanted to start a business together, and that day we sat down and said if we’re going to start a new venture, it has to be something around reducing waste and minimising our impact on the environment,” Jean Paul Farrugia told Times of Malta.

They regrouped at home, together with Christine’s husband, Paul, and decided to open up ReRoot.

From edibles to cosmetics, washing detergents and clothing, all the products for sale at ReRoot, in Iklin, are either reusable, recyclable/compost-able or refillable and, most importantly, plastic free.

The brains behind ReRoot aim to make people more conscious about their lifestyle rather than making them feel like they need to become zero-waste overnight.

An online store and delivery service are even in the pipeline, with plans to make these services more available to the public in the next couple of weeks. They’ve even got a series of events related to sustainability and zero waste in store, so stay tuned!