Malta has ‘one of the world’s most powerful passports’

Malta has one of the most powerful passports in the world, it has been revealed.

A new ranking of world passports found that Maltese citizens can travel to the one of the highest number of countries without needing a visa.

Malta came eighth in the latest overall.

We’re able to visit 152 nations without obtaining a visa first because of its membership of both the Commonwealth and the EU.

Singapore was in first place with Germany second. Sweden and South Korea were tied in third place.

Passport Index ranks passports worldwide based on the cross-border access a holder has. It was developed by Canada-based global consultancy Arton Capital.

Philippe May, managing director of Arton Capital’s Singapore office, said in a statement: ‘For the first time ever, an Asian country has the most powerful passport in the world.

‘It is a testament of Singapore’s inclusive diplomatic relations and effective foreign policy.’

The world’s most powerful passports

1. Singapore

2. Germany

3. Sweden and South Korea

4. Denmark, Finland Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Japan and the UK

5. Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Portugal

6. Malaysia, Ireland, the US and Canada

7. Greece, New Zealan and Australia

8. Malta, Iceland

9. Hungary

10. Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia

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