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Malta named ‘one of the most expensive places to live in’

Malta has been named one of the most expensive countries to live in.

Malta was ranked as the 25th priciest place in the world in a new survey – behind Canada, the United States, Germany and Britain.

Money saving website Go Banking Rates crunched numbers from more than 150 countries to find the nations where you might struggle to cover the costs of daily living.

It looked at a number of factors, including average wages, rent costs, supermarket prices and restaurant menu rates.

It said: ‘Although Malta has a high cost of living, there are many benefits to living there.

‘Rent is 71 per cent cheaper than in New York, and grocery shopping costs 40 per cent less.’

Iceland came in at number one in the list of the most expensive places to live, followed by Switzerland and Norway.

The world’s most expensive countries to live in:

1. Iceland
2. Switzerland
3. Norway
4. Bahamas
5. Luxembourg
6. Denmark
7. Singapore
8. Japan
9. Israel
10. Ireland


11. Australia
12. France
13. Sweden
14. New Zealand
15. Belgium
16. South Korea
17. Netherlands
18. Finland
19. Austria
20. Italy
21. United Kingdom
22. Germany
23. United States
24. Canada
25. Malta

Photos by Gianluca Bonnici

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