Malta might be getting a national Wheelchair Basketball team soon

Noel Aquilina, founder of the Malta Wheelchair Basketball Associationis, is currently working towards getting Malta a national Wheelchair Basketball team.

Noel has always held a passion for basketball. Despite being born with Spina Bifida, and losing part of his limb nine years ago, he still strives to thrive withing the world of sport.

‘Society might see me as a person that can’t participate in activities that include running, or that I am unable to coach sports that involve running. However, I coach basketball.’

Publiée par Malta Wheelchair Basketball sur Mardi 2 juillet 2019

Despite the setbacks that this may cause in the world of sport, and basketball in particular, Noel still strives towards establishing a national Wheelchair Basketball team in Malta.

Noel’s fascination led him to conduct research on and, and finish a thesis about Wheelchair Basketball. Having studied the subject, Noel set up an association for the sport right here in Malta and is now working towards establishing a national team for Wheelchair Basketball itself.

‘The aim is to have a team that would also compete in international competitions, specifically dedicated to this sport!’

You can follow the Malta Wheelchair Basketball page, keep up to date with their upcoming matches, and go show your support!

What an amazing initiative.

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