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Malta’s water polo European Championships journey comes to an end

Unfortunately, Malta’s journey in the water polo European Championships has come to an end.

Battling with the big boys proved to be too much for Malta’s national team.

It was a tough week overall, as the team didn’t manage to win a single game, finishing last at the European Championships.

Despite finishing last, Malta still managed to qualify with Europe’s top 16 water polo teams, which is a great achievement within itself.

Malta met their match against Spain, in the first match that went down on Tuesday 14th January. The team still pulled off a great game from their end. The match ended with Spain well in the lead, however, it was still an achievement for Malta. This was the most Malta had ever scored against the Spanish team.

Malta played once more, at 11.30 am on Thursday 16th January, against Turkey. Malta suffers a defeat after finishing off the match with a score of 10-13 in Turkey’s favour.

Playing against Hungary on Saturday 18th January proved to be their toughest match, as the game finished off with a score of 0-26 in Hungary’s favour.

It all ended on Wednesday 21st January, for Team Malta, with a 19 – 9 loss to The Netherlands, placing them in the 16th position of this year’s Championships.

Well done to the national water polo team for qualifying, and we wish you better luck next time.