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Malta Is The First European Country To Legalise Recreational Cannabis


The Maltese Parliament approved the country’s cannabis law on Tuesday, in a historic first for both the country and the European Union. 



This allows individuals to carry, buy, and produce small amounts of the substance, which makes Malta the first European country to pass the legislation. The law on was approved by the Members of Parliament with a vote of 36 in favour and 27 against.



This reform will allow adult users to possess up to 7g of marijuana without fear of breaching the law. Despite this, if there is a legitimate suspicion of drug trafficking or selling, police will have the discretion to take the individual into court, meanwhile users carrying anything over 7g will face charges of between €50 and €100.



Individuals will not be permitted to smoke in public unless they have a valid medical reason. Additionally, smoking near a person under the age of 18 is prohibited. Smoking in public will result in a €235 fine, whereas smoking in front of children will result in a fine ranging from €300 to €500.



Regardless of the number of residents, the legislation allows for the production of up to four cannabis plants at home. Growers, on the other hand, will not be permitted to possess more than 50g of cannabis.



“We are legislating to address a problem and taking the harm reduction approach by regulating the sector, so that people do not have to resort to the black market to purchase cannabis,” Prime Minister Robert Abela said during a parliamentary debate last month.



The next step is for President George Vella to sign the change into law, which generally occurs within days of legislative approval – the bill will come into force once this is done.