Malta promised a dry and sunny end to September

Summer is almost over in Malta – but it looks like you won’t need your raincoat for a while.

The weather is expected to stay dry and mild across the Maltese Island for the rest of September.

Forecasters said no significant rainfall is expected for ‘at least two weeks or so’ as a ridge of high pressure moves towards the central Mediterranean.

A thunderstorm is predicted over much of Sicily this weekend but it will miss the Maltese Islands completely, according to the weather experts.

Andrea Muscat from Maltese Islands Weather said: ‘Latest maps are indicating that the Maltese Islands will probably not experience anymore significant rainfall this month.

‘Some days will be cloudy. Others will be windy. But none are expected to be rainy.’

He added: ‘The Maltese Islands will be sandwiched in between an area of high pressure to the south and lower pressure to the north.’

The Met Office in Luqa predicted a warm weekend in Malta and Gozo with temperatures feeling as warm as 32°C on Sunday 22 September.

Summer officially ends on Monday but the weather will stay partly cloudy with plenty of sunshine and highs of around 32°C, according to the Met Office.

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