Malta Is Heading Towards Animal Kill Shelters


The Animal Welfare Commissioner Alison Bezzina has claimed that the sale and purchase of any animal, should be taxed and regulated more strictly in order to keep the expanding pet population under control.

Due to a significant increase in stray animals, she warned that if the situation does not improve quickly, Malta may have to consider establishing kill shelters.



“To make it absolutely clear, I’m in no way advocating for kill shelters, but we have to open our eyes to the reality that we are heading down that path,” she added, meanwhile she also stated that if VAT revenue applies, tax should be declared, just like everything else being selled.



“If you were to start importing a new product to Malta and sell it to people, we wouldn’t need a new law for that, we would just tax it as normal.”



Making breeders report their taxable revenue will also help authorities to keep track of them and have more effective means of ensuring that rules are obeyed and animals are not mistreated.



Bezzina also said; “Animal welfare is already at a breaking point. We need more ways to incentivise people to adopt and not shop. But we need to take these steps now before the situation gets any worse.”

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