‘Malta is a truly unique place to shoot films’

Malta has been described as ‘a unique filming location’ by the producer of the latest big budget movie to be shot on the island.

David Zelon, who led the biblical drama Paul Apostle of Christ, praised Malta as ‘the most unique place I’ve ever shot in’.

He added: ‘There are half a dozen forts that have been built over the last five centuries that are magnificent in their architecture and their visual appeal.

‘The ability to walk in here and have something that is authentic looking and not built for a movie gave us the ability to tell a story that is ultimately more believable.

‘They have an amazing film community here that you don’t normally find in a small country like this.’

Paul was shot entirely in Malta with around of 200 Maltese crew working on the production.

The film’s director Andrew Hyatt said: ‘This community in Malta is very passionate about Paul and they treat him like her was a son of the island.

‘They really do respond wonderfully and they take care of us. The people on the streets and in the restaurants, it’s like a big family. It’s wonderful.’

Irish actor John Lynch, who plays Aquila in the film, added: ‘When you’re in a place like this that has so much history and so much beauty and so much power it’s a real pleasure.

‘There’s not too much you need to do. You kind of just need to look reasonably smart in a beautiful setting and hope that it carries you home.’

The film tells the story of Paul, who was known as a ruthless persecutor of Christians, only to convert to the faith.

Filming began last September and the movie was released last week by Sony Pictures in time for Easter.

The Malta Film Commission released a video on social media to promote Malta as a filming location.

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