“Malta Has Agreements in Place with All COVID-19 Vaccine Developers” – Chris Fearne


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne, whilst being interviewed on TVM last night, said that Malta has agreements in place with all the pharmaceutical companies which are currently developing a COVID-19 Vaccine.

He also said that as soon as the vaccine is deemed effective, and more importantly, safe, the vaccine will start making its way to Malta, adding that in some cases the vaccine will be in Malta the day after, when the vaccine can be transported by air, while in some other cases it will be in Malta within 3 to 4 days, as it would need to be transported overland due to storage and temperature requirements.



Moreover, DPM Chris Fearne said, if the trials continue progressing in the way they are, after some of them were stopped when even one person develops severe side-effects or complications, the vaccine should be in Malta in the coming weeks, towards the beginning of 2021.

Photos: Getty Images / TVM