Malta Has 1,600,000 COVID-19 Vaccines Secured from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca – DPM Chris Fearne


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne has delivered a statement in Parliament, about Malta’s COVID-19 Vaccine Strategy.

Fearne said that as things stand Malta has secured 1,600,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses, from Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca, as well as 700,000 further doses from other manufacturers.

Chris Fearne said the European Medicines Agency is currently analysing the trial data of Pfizer and Moderna, and it is expected to deliver a verdict by the 29th December for the Pfizer Vaccine, and by the 12th January for the Moderna Vaccine. Approval for the AstraZeneca vaccine will be given sometime in February/March. In light of these dates from the EMA, Chris Fearne said that should all go as planned, the Pfizer vaccine will be in Malta in the first days of January, and the Moderna vaccine will be in Malta in the early days of February.



As to what regards the vaccination strategy, Chris Fearne said in January, the vaccine will be given to healthcare workers in the Private and Public Sectors, to the Staff and Residents in Homes for the Elderly, to residents of Mental Health institutions. It will also be made available for senior citizens aged 85 years or older.

In February, the vaccine will be given to all the other frontliners, and to senior citizens aged 80 or older.

Thereafter, the vaccine will be given to people with chronic conditions, senior citizens aged 70 or older, and to the staff in schools and childcare centres.



After that, the vaccine will be made available to all those aged 55 years or older – After which, it will be made to the public in general.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that the COVID-19 Vaccine will be given free of charge and those who will be vaccinated first, will be receiving a letter with all the details of where and when the vaccine is to be administered. This same letter will also include the date and time when the second dose would need to be taken.



Chris Fearne also announced that an outreach team will also be in place for the vaccine to be administered to those who cannot leave their residence, and also said that a designated helpline will be soon launched.

The vaccine will not be mandatory, however, an educational campaign will be underway to inform the public of the importance of the vaccine.

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