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Malta Hanina Helps Australian Lad Win $50,000 On Popular TV Show

On a recent episode of Australia’s ‘Millionaire Hot Seat’, one lucky son of a gun managed to answer a question worth $50,000, and guess what it was about? Malta! 

The show is basically a spin-off version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, which tests a person’s general knowledge and if they get the answers right, they’re in for a lovely sum of cash.

So let’s just say, a lot of Maltese-Australian residents were surprised to see a question about Malta pop up on their TVs during the popular show earlier this week. And what an easy one it was… (for us and them, at least)

Quite the head-scratcher, isn’t it?

We got the news from Lawrence Buhagiar’s Facebook page, the Honorary Consul in New South Wales, Australia

Who would’ve known that knowing Valletta is our island’s capital city could win you a hefty $50,000? 

Glad we could be of service mate.