Malta gets its first ‘Seabin’ to suck up plastic waste

Malta’s first ‘Seabin’ has been installed to help keep the island’s harbours clean.

The floating device is designed to suck up floating rubbish and debris, such as plastic bottles and cigarette butts, from the water.

The first ‘Seabin’ has been submerged at the yacht marina in Pieta.

The idea was developed in Australia with the help of crowd-funding.

‘Seabins’ have already made a huge difference to harbours in places such as Gibraltar, Singapore, Ireland, Italy and the UK.

What is a Seabin?

The Seabin is a simple idea, similar to a rubbish bin in appearance, but fitted with a pump to draw in nearby floating trash.

Sitting on the water’s surface, each bin has the potential to suck up more than 1.5 tonnes of debris from Malta’s harbours and marinas each year.

Who is behind it in Malta?

Clean up campaigners at Żibel started the pilot project with Strand Marine at the Marina di Valletta in Pieta.

It is hoped around a dozen ‘Seabins’ will be installed in Malta’s marinas within the next 12 months.

Malta’s environment minister Jose Herrera said he hoped the project would encourage people to keep marinas clean.

He added: ‘We need to make it fashionable to take care of the environment in Malta and Gozo.’

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