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Malta experiences another loss, this time against Faroe Islands

Expectations for yesterday’s match were high after the initial win against Faroe Islands back in March, but it seems like the Faroe Islands had a sportive vendetta which they wished to fulfill by the end of the match and they succeeded. The game ended with a final score of 0-1 in Faroe Island’s favour.

Despite Malta’s effort, because losing the game was not for lack of trying, the National team’s inexperience evidently emerges when comparing our team to international ones.

The Faroe Islands have got a total population of slightly over 51,750 inhabitants while Malta is close to half a million. Faroe Islands have got a larger population of sheep than they do people, totalling to 70,000 sheep inhabitants on the islands, just to put you in the picture.

Is it time to start training our players outside of Malta?

Maltese female football players have been making a name for themselves, training with Juventus, Sassari Torres and PSV Eindhoven.

Players from the Faroe Islands have also had the opportunity to train with international teams such as Iceland, Norway, Germany and Denmark.

Maybe it’s time for a shake-up.

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