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Malta Expected To Make Its Debut In Space This Month


On August 28th, Malta’s name will be making its way to space for the second time, as medical information about Maltese people who suffer from diabetes will be sent to the International Space Station – which orbits around the world – so that experiments may be carried out.


This collective data forms part of the Maleth project and was collected by Christine Gatt as part of her doctorate. It will be analysed in a zero-gravity environment where the sun’s rays are stronger.



‘It is a unique environment where one can come up with new findings and results when compared with results in Malta, which make more sense and one can better understand how this bacteria is controlled and what we can do to stop the infection from spreading.’


Profs. Joseph Borg, who is coordinating the project and the SpaceOMIX mission, said that the material will be sent in a box. The latest preparations were carried out in Belgium, before the box is sent to the Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral, Florida.



Although this is a research mission, Profs. Borg added that this adventure will symbolise Malta’s official debut in space.



The same box will also include digital material and messages prepared by Maltese children, including artistic works.



The first mission of the Maleth project – SpaceOMIX – is financed by the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry in collaboration with private companies and the participation of the University of Malta.