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Malta Entertainment Industry And Arts Association (MEIA) Officially Launched


The Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association is a new association that was launched earlier this week, with the help from the Chamber of Commerce, on the 3 June 2020 in Malta.

The call was made to all creators, performers, promoters, producers, suppliers, cultural educators & all technical people who work in the entertainment industry & Arts covering all the different sectors including Music, theatre, Dance, Film, Art & Fashion.

The aim of the association is to unite all parties involved in the entertainment industry, anyone who has an interest in the various sectors within this industry.



MEIA will be a non-profit organisation and its main aims will be those of helping its members fight for their rights, ensure a level playing field attitude across the board and help improve the general situation of the entertainment industry in Malta, aiming at improving the local industry further.

The first phase of this Association will be revolving around the initial interest and membership in the Asso- ciation. This is can be found at and is available to all the people, entities and organisa- tions that have the entertainment industry at heart and want to be part of the restructuring of the local enter- tainment industry by means of unity and collaboration.

It’s very important to clarify & understand that this does not belong to anyone, one person, company or group of individuals. Unfortunately it’s a proven fact that the entertainment industry is always the first to get the hit & the last to recover during recessions & challenging times.

For more detailed information, visit the association’s Facebook page By CLICKING HERE

To contact the association directly, please email on [email protected]


Photos: Arthaus Malta