Malta Declares A Win Over Coronavirus – The Second EU Country To Do This!


Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne said that Malta, as a country, was prepared for the COVID-19 Pandemic in every aspect: be it training, testing, enough bed space in hospital and in alternative spaces (in case of a large wave), adding that Malta’s Health System is at its optimum level of preparedness.

“We have won the COVID-19 war. We now how to win the peace. The fact that there still is the war in other countries, does not mean that we have to remain living with these measures in place,” Chris Fearne said yesterday, during a press conference where it was announced that Malta shall embrace its normality from 5th June.

Chris Fearne, who is also Malta’s Minister for Health said that Malta’s R-Factor now stands at 0.5, which, in his own words, show that the decisions taken to relax some measures actually worked. He said that Malta needs to go back to its peaceful normality, while still keeping a watchful eye.



“We have all our health systems in place, we can continue providing all the health services in the way these used to be provided before COVID-19, however, if we will be faced with another pandemic, we can fight this thanks to an early-warning system, which allow us to prevent some cases.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that this means that this win in the health sector, can now move on to becoming a win for the Maltese economy, whilst thanking all those who continued working during this period.

The Advice of the Government and of the Health Authorities was that even with the new normality being achieved on the 5th June, Social Distancing, Protective Masks and Personal Hygiene remain of utmost importance and must continue to be at the centre of the new normality.