Malta celebrates new tourism record for 2017

Malta is celebrating a record breaking year for tourism.

More holidaymakers than ever visited the Maltese Islands last year, according to new figures.

The Malta Tourism Authority announced an astonishing set of results for 2017, providing the Maltese economy with a huge boost.

  • Tourist arrivals reached almost 2.3 million – up 16 per cent
  • Total nights spent in Malta amounted to 16.5 million – up 10 per cent
  • Total tourism expenditure in 2017 was €1.9 billion – up 14 per cent
  • Malta has seen tourist numbers rise from less than 1.2 million in 2009 to around 2.3 million last year.

Tourism experts reckon the massive rise in the island’s popularity is partly down to Malta’s very low risk of terrorism.

Big events such as Isle of MTV Malta, more low-cost flights, and the huge publicity surrounding Valletta’s preparations for European Capital of Culture are also expected to have boosted visitor numbers.

In addition, the island has been tipped by numerous travel guides as a great place to go holiday in 2018.

Just last month, 89.7 Bay reported that CNN, The Daily Telegraph, Lonely Planet and London’s Evening Standard named Malta as a ‘must visit’ destination this year.

CNN Travel wrote: ‘Valletta, the capital of Malta, has been named Europe’s Capital of Culture for 2018, and the timing couldn’t be better.

‘Within a 20-minute bus ride, you’ll feel like you’ve journeyed from ancient Greece to the Middle East and back, and you’re as likely to find a bowl of Sardinian-style pasta as a kebab.

‘With the country being added to more cruise ship itineraries, you’ll want to hurry and get there before Valletta becomes as packed and overwhelmed as Venice and before St John’s Co-Cathedral becomes yet another place you’re sick of seeing on Instagram.’

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