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“Malta could start relaxing some COVID-19 restrictions in the coming days”

With one case confirmed today, it seems like Malta is catching a downward trend of persistent cases.

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne told Parliament on Wednesday, that Malta might start relaxing some COVID-19 restrictions in the coming days if this persists. Having said that, we cannot return to complete normality until a vaccine is made available.

“We must learn to live with this virus for the time being,” Fearne said.

And before everyone starts planning pool parties by the beach, Fearne also clarified that relaxing some restrictions should not be interpreted as having a licence to organise mass events like barbecues for large groups of people.

Restrictions will be relaxed gradually depending on scientific advice to back up decisions made, he said. We should also not rule out the possibility of having certain measures re-introduced after a period of time, should the need arise.

So far, Malta has managed to contain the pandemic in a way that allowed the healthcare system to properly care for the number of patients infected by the virus.

While pleased with the way Malta and its people have been adhering to social distancing measures, keeping the virus well under control compared to other countries, Fearne continues to say that it would be a mistake to assume the pandemic was easing, as other countries are still registering dramatic increases.

Guess all we can do is wait it out and see. In the meantime, stay safe. Stay home.