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Malta to be COLDER than much of Britain this week

You’re going to need your thick winter coat in Malta this week.

Malta will be colder than parts of Britain by Wednesday, forecasters have warned.

Temperatures in the Maltese Islands will struggle to reach 13°C, with the Met Office in Luqa predicting grey skies, showers and strong winds over the next seven days.

Weather experts said large areas of Britain will be warmer than Malta and Gozo, with mercury levels higher in some regions than in Valletta.

North Wales, northeast England and even eastern Scotland could enjoy unseasonable temperatures as high as 15°C on Tuesday, while Malta is expected to be three degrees cooler.

Meteorologist Helen Roberts said following freezing fog on Sunday morning and a ‘fine’ day on Monday, general temperatures would rise across the UK.

She told The Daily Telegraph: ‘A few favoured spots could see 14 or even 15 degrees, which is pretty good for this time of year.’

The mild weather system over parts of the UK will mean that Edinburgh, pictured above, will feel warmer than Sliema – which doesn’t happen very often.

Alex Burkill from the Met Office told The Daily Express: ‘Towards the north-west we have got much milder air and this milder air is going to spread across most parts on Tuesday.

‘But with UK temperatures reaching highs of 14 or 15 Celsius, I think that’s going to be the peak of the temperatures this week.’

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