These 2019 carnival costumes in Malta were simply insane!

It’s been a busy and colourful few days for Malta, with so many different costumes and floats roaming around Malta’s Capital Valletta and Gozo’s Nadur during carnival weekend.

We can’t help but offer our hats off to those who went above and beyond with their costumes, keeping us well entertained on our socials throughout the whole weekend.

Let’s face it, this year’s Maltese carnival had a little bit of everything:

It wouldn’t be Carnival without having a costume of one of the most viral Maltese videos of 2018 present…

time to eat photo


There were priests and nuns at the ready in case you felt the urge to quickly confess your sins

priests carnival malta


And even some people that got revived from the dead in the most fashionable way possible.

maltese costume carnival


Your dose of maltese superheroes … the Dnegel men!

dnegel men malta


Aurora, the sleeping beauty also made an appearance


together with the steam punk duo!


The place was full of people from all nationalities, including the most fashionable flamenco dancers from Spain!


We have to admit, we were quite impressed at the effort these people went through to pull off the perfect costume this carnival season.

And as for one of the most popular carnival costumes of 2019, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen these around… maybe too many different versions of the Money Heist gang, roaming around Malta and Gozo this weekend.

money heist


Tag someone who’s carnival 2019 costume deserves a mention!

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