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Malta Business Awards 2022 Winners

The inaugural edition of the Malta Business Awards took place in October 2022.


In partnership with Malta Enterprise, the Malta Chamber of SMEs organized twenty categories that were awarded to businesses in recognition of their achievements. Lottoland took home two awards (plus a runner up for a third award) and was the biggest winner of the night. Let’s discover more about this night of Malta Business Awards.


What are the Malta Business Awards?


The Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta hosted the first edition of the Malta Business Awards on last Friday, the 28th of October. It was organized by the Malta Chamber of SMEs and Malta Enterprise. In recognition of their achievements, over 20 awards were given out to companies across different industries. This was done to recognize these companies and inspire many more.


Miriam Dalli, Minister of Environment, Energy, and Enterprise, stated that “This moment should serve to inspire enterprises to be more durable, digital, catering to their client’s requirements, offering high-quality products while still ensuring competitiveness.” The Malta Business Awards provide a platform for all people to learn from one another’s successes and also allow enterprises to identify the next steps to improve their business processes.


There were more than 300 applications received for four categories: Green Ambassadors, Distinct Initiatives, Celebrating Business and Business Innovation.


However, the moment of truth was for 110 finalists, who had eagerly awaited final results since mid-October. Finally, after a rigorous application process that was subject to the scrutiny of an independent jury, the shortlist was announced later on that month.


Over 600 guests were invited to a gala dinner hosted by Keith Demicoli. All finalists were presented with a certificate. In addition, a memento made of 100% recycled materials was given to the winners in each category. It is both sustainable as well as eco-friendly.


There were many businesses on the prestigious list that were recognized, from new and small companies to those that have been in existence on the Maltese Islands for more than 100 years. Paul Abela, President of the Malta Chamber of SMEs, presented a President’s Choice Award to Robert Arrigo & Sons.


So, let’s see who won which Award.


Who won the Malta Business Awards 2022?


Gerada Quality Construction and Lottoland: Two Green Ambassadors out of five


Lottoland: Two different awards


Lottoland took home two trophies: first places in the categories of Carbon Neutral Commitment and Exceptional Wellbeing at the Workplace. In addition, it was a runner-up for the Best CSR initiative. Thus, the company was the biggest winner of the night. Lottoland became the first iGaming business to be certified carbon-neutral. Over 2 million trees have been planted by the world’s leading online lottery operator, Lottoland. This includes a thousand in Malta with local NGO Saggar.


“We believe Lottoland should be ambitious and have great dreams. Together with our Maltese customers, we are taking decisive actions to create a better environment that allows people, animals, and the environment to flourish,” stated Ira Losco (Lotterland’s ambassador for Malta). The Foundation was established by the company to make a positive difference in all the communities in which it operates. In the coming days, Lottoland will renew its partnership with Nature Trust Malta’s Wildlife Rescue Team.


Gerada Quality Construction: Leader in Sustainable initiatives Gerada Quality Construction won Leader in Sustainable initiatives award. Their strategy is to invest their time, money, and resources in an efficient way. It allows them to create real value throughout the development process. This creates value for their clients and also their communities. Their passion is to create meaningful, purposeful places where people can live, work, or enjoy leisure.


They don’t compromise quality for cost savings.


They take responsibility for doing the right thing seriously. It is what distinguishes them from their peers. They understand the difficulty involved in planning any site. However, by using the right level of project management and balancing multiple and sometimes contradicting requirements, they can achieve the desired planning outcomes while still maintaining an exceptional product. They are able to assist with all aspects of planning in Malta.


The energy strategy of Gerada Quality Construction is often tailored and unique to each development. For example, it includes features such as electric charging stations in communal car parks and photovoltaics at the roof level on individual housing or apartment blocks. Their strategy also incorporates air-source heat pumps that control the cooling and heating properties, as well as innovative insulation methods to maximise heat retention.


The company’s ultimate goal is to create energy-efficient properties that help clients live more sustainably and economically while also reducing the impact of climate change.