Malta’s protests answered: students are now allowed to wear small studs to school

Following the controversy that hit our island in the past few days, kids all over Malta and Gozo will now be allowed to wear small studded earrings to school.

The topic came about when one Gozitan mother complained about the element of discrimination there were in school when her son was not allowed to go to school with earrings himself.

When the earring ban was announced, people from all over the island took to their socials to express their disagreement towards the new policy.

The comments really were something else, with the majority of people disagreeing with what the Minister had decided on.

In just a few days, Education Minister Evarist Bartolo has now announced that children all over Malta can attend school with a small, studded, button-like earring.

Bartolo said the the ban had nothing to do with gender equality issues and instead was being done for health and safety reasons.