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Maltese are having the fewest babies in Europe

New figures show the Maltese are having the fewest babies in Europe.

The fertility rate in Malta has hit rock bottom, according to alarming population growth research from the EU.

It said Malta was at the bottom of the league table with only 1.32 babies born on average for every woman.

In comparison, France had the highest fertility rate of 1.9 babies per woman, according to Eurostat.

A closer look at the figures for Malta shows how 2,283 first born children were recorded in 2017.

More than 5% of these were born to Maltese teenage mothers.

Almost half were born to mothers aged between 20 and 29, while 44% were born to mothers aged over 30.

Experts claimed that the figures highlighted that Malta has an increasing fertility problem.

Labour Studies Centre director Anna Borg said: ‘Unfortunately, we have been noting this pattern for years now and it’s time we accept that we have a problem.’