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Malta among the world’s laziest nations, says study

The Maltese are among the laziest people in the world with almost a half failing to get enough exercise.

Malta ranked 17th out of 168 in a World Health Organisation list of the least active countries — and fourth worst of the 28 EU nations.

Some 42 per cent of people in Malta are putting their health at risk by not doing at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week.

Maltese women are less likely to reach the goal with 47 per cent here moving too little compared to 36 per cent of men.

Kuwait is the worst-performing nation overall with 67 per cent failing to reach WHO’s exercise guidelines.

Cyprus was ranked as the least active EU country, followed by Portugal and Germany.

The laziest 20 nations in the world were named and shamed in a major new report of exercise levels across the globe.

The WHO urges people to do least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, such as cycling or brisk walking, or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise, like running.

Dr Regina Guthold from the WHO analysed data on almost two million people in 168 countries.

She said: ‘National policy needs to be implemented to encourage non-motorised modes of transport, such as walking and cycling, and to promote participation in active recreation and sports in leisure time.’

The report was published in the Lancet medical journal.


Kuwait 67%

American Samoa 53.4%

Saudi Arabia 53%

Iraq 52%

Brazil 47%

Costa Rica 46.1%

Cyprus 44.4%

Suriname 44.4%

Colombia 44%

Marshall Islands 43.5%

Portugal 43.4%

Bahamas 43.3%

Barbados 42.9%

New Zealand 42.4%

Germany 42.2%

Nauru 42.1%

Malta 41.7%

Argentina 41.6%

Italy 41.4%

UAE 41.4%

% = percentage of the country’s population that fail to take part in 150 minutes of exercise each week

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