Malta Among One Of The Countries With The Lowest COVID-19 Mortality Rates In Europe

During yesterday’s press conference, Prof. Charmaine Gauci confirmed that “Malta’s mortality rate is low compared to other countries such as Italy.”

At the moment, Malta’s mortality rate is slightly above 1%, with 5 reported COVID-19 related deaths so far. Compared to Italy’s 13.8% and Spain’s 10.2%, Malta is at a clear advantage.

Across Europe, the UK has the highest mortality rate at 15%.

There are only two states that have reported better results than us: the Vatican City which has reported 11 positive Coronavirus cases, and Gibraltar which reported 144 and the Faeroe Islands 187. None have registered a COVID-19-related death so far.

Despite the good news, Prof. Gauci still urges the general public to avoid leaving their homes unless they absolutely have to, and to adhere to social distancing measures at all times.

We, as a community must continue working together to prevent further spread, especially to vulnerable people who may need hospital assistance.

A clear way of doing this is by following health directives and social distancing guidelines diligently.

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