Making Bad Ice Cream Could Soon Become A Crime In Italy


If you’ve ever been to Italy, then you probably Instagrammed at least one picture of an oversized scoop of gelato, or of an ice cream shop’s colorful assortment of flavors. It’s OK, we’ve all done it


chocolate sorbet


However, Italy seems to be taking their gelato seriously, as new proposals could soon see bad ice cream becoming a crime. Yep, Italian lawmakers will now keep a watchful eye on sellers who try to mislead our relationship with gelatos.



This includes sellers who make their ice cream look fluffier than it actually is by pumping it with air. In fact, the Italian Senate is considering proposals that would see ice cream producers face fines of up to €10,000 if they don’t meet strict quality standards.


person in white gloves holding tray with food


Basically, the new rules will see a 30% limit placed on the amount of air in ice cream.  It has been estimated that industrial ice cream can sometimes have up to 80% of compressed air in it, with consumers concerned that they are mostly paying for the air rather than a tasty treat.



The law also prohibits the use of artificial flavours, colouring, and hydrogenated fats over fresh ingredients. The ice cream sector in Italy is said to be worth €1 billion where most of the country’s top ice cream makers stated that having a law that protects consumers and real artisans would be useful.

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