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Make that Four! Another Nesting Turtle Recorded at Ghadira!

Another Nesting Turtle has been recorded late last night at around 9pm – close to the nest which is presently at Ghadira!

People at the beach enjoying a nice Summer evening, were in for a surprise as the Turtle made its way onto the sand looking for the right spot!




This is now the 4th Nesting Turtle recorded this Summer, and once again the public’s cooperation is needed to ensure that noise around the nest is kept to a minimum, since turtles are very sensitive to noise.



In the meantime we wait with baited breath, so that in the coming weeks we will see a gorgeous sight, similar to what we witnessed at Ramla Bay some days ago! Have a look below!



ERA will continue working in close collaboration with Nature Trust Malta (NTM‐FEE); the Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning (MECP); and other public and private entities, as applicable. To this end, the provisions currently listed in the present Emergency Conservation Order (ECO) will be extended to safeguard both nests.

Excessive noise, trampling and light close to the nesting area may pose a threat to turtle eggs and any hatchlings.

This is the fourth reliably confirmed loggerhead turtle nest this year. Malta is currently hosting three nests, whilst 85 eggs hatched between the 2nd and 4th of August from the first nest at Ramla l-Ħamra in Gozo.

ERA would like to thank the public for support and co-operation. Any observations of turtle activity or environmental illegality should be immediately reported to ERA on 9921 0404 or [email protected]


Photos: Jacques Azzopardi and George Muscat

Video: Nature Trust