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Magical European Christmas markets you can visit from Malta on a budget!

Yes, it might be a little too early but the falling temperatures, grey skies and rain have got us thinking about…Christmas! (Yes, I said the “C” word in October- deal with it!).

Now, whilst our little mediterranean island with mild winter temperatures might not be the most festive place to get your Christmas fix, we’re lucky enough to have cheap direct flights to some of the most spectacular Christmas markets in Europe!

Here are a few destinations to consider:

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Possibly one of the most magical places in Europe at Christmas, you’ve got some decisions to make; you can either go for the biggies like Berlin, Munich or Dusseldorf, or you can try the lesser-known cities of Nuremberg or Cologne.

And you’ll be very happy to know that you can get return flights to Cologne or Nuremberg for €34 or €42, respectively, for a week in December!

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If you fancy the full experience of a Christmas market (i.e. cold!) then you can go for Stockholm or Gothenburg.

You can get flights for as little as €33 in December so there’s really no excuse to plan your mini Scandinavian escape!

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Czech Republic

If you’re considering a central European destination then you should probably look at Prague! Indulge in some festive delicacies and absorb the magical architecture with flights from Malta for around €100 in December!

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Budapest is another option if you’re looking for a fantastic Christmas market getaway. With flights from as low as €30 (yes, you read that right!), you’ll have plenty leftover for a trip to a thermal bath or two.

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United Kingdom 

With Christmas markets up and down the country, you’ve got loads of choices if you’re looking for some British winter fun. The biggest, most impressive ones are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Bath! You’ve also got so many cheap flight options if you’re looking to go in the first half of December.

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Vienna had its first Christmas market way back 1298 which makes it the perfect destination if you’re after the more traditional Christmas Market, together with a spectacular backdrop. Get your leave from work booked for the end of November and you can find flights for €70!


Well, if none of these appeal to you or you’d like to stay a bit closer to home; Malta holds its very own Christmas markets- such as Natalis Notabilis in Rabat, meaning you don’t have to travel far to get into the Christmas spirit!

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