Macbeth and Botticelli At Eden Cinemas This Weekend


We all love ourselves a little culture every now and again, and back in the old days, we could just head over to Shakespeare’s Globe, The Royal Opera House, or to an Art Museum anywhere in the world, and feast our eyes on the finest artistry anyone could ever imagine.

Well, this year, has been and is different, and Eden Cinemas are making sure that we do get our dose of culture, in full comfort and most importantly, in maximum safety.



Macbeth | SUNDAY

Verdi’s life-long love affair with Shakespeare’s works began with Macbeth, a play he considered to be ‘one of the greatest creations of man’. With his librettist, Francesco Maria Piave Verdi set out to create ‘something out of the ordinary’. Their success is borne out in every bar of a score that sees Verdi at his most theatrical: it bristles with demonic energy.



Phyllida Lloyd’s 2002 production for The Royal Opera is richly hued, shot through with black, red and gold. The witches – imagined by designer Anthony Ward as strange, scarlet-turbaned creatures – are ever-present agents of fate.



Lloyd depicts the Macbeths’ childlessness as the dark sadness lurking behind their terrible deeds. The Royal Opera’s production uses Verdi’s 1865 Paris revision of the opera, which includes Lady Macbeth’s riveting aria ‘La luce langue’.



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Botticelli, Florence and The Medici | TODAY and SUNDAY

From Salvador Dalì to Andy Warhol, David LaChapelle to Jeff Koons and Lady Gaga, no one appears to be immune to the eternal fascination of Botticelli and his works.



Beauty, creativity, genius: the Renaissance Florence of Lorenzo de’ Medici, known as the Magnificent, was a powerhouse of art and culture coexisting with a dark side. Made up of power struggles, intrigues and brutal violence.

One artist, more than any other, was able to project into his works, the lights and shadows of an era destined never to be forgotten: Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510). From the outset of his career under the wing of the Medici family, Botticelli asserted himself as the inventor of an ideal Beauty, which found its maximum expression in works such as The Allegory of Spring and the Birth of Venus.



Botticelli will be at Eden Cinemas today and Sunday, and when you get there, local artist Justine Navarro will be curating a live Art Exhibition at the Eden Cinemas Foyer, so it is a win-win situation!

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Eden Cinemas is taking all the necessary health and safety precautions in line with the health authority regulations. They are, in fact, currently operating at reduced capacity with blocked seats next to each group and every second row to enable proper social distancing. All of Eden Cinemas’ COVID-19 Measures can be found here.


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