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WATCH: Donald Trump Jr asks Elon Musk to Create a New Social Media Platform for his Dad to Sign Up To


With nearly all the mainstream social media networks blocking and even permanently suspending current US President Donald Trump, with the latest ones being Snapchat and YouTube, his son, Donald Trump Jr has asked Tesla’s main man Elon Musk to set up a social network so that his dad, can join it.

The eldest Trump son spoke against the various bans and suspensions which have been placed by various social media platforms on his father, following the Capitol Riot, in an Instagram video entitled ‘Here’s how Elon Musk could save free speech.’

“I am not looking for a conservative echo chamber. I want a platform to argue my ideas versus someone else’s and not just people in a place telling me what I want to hear,” Trump Junior said.

“Wanted to come up with something to deal with nonsense on the censorship that’s going on right now and obviously, targeted one way. Why doesn’t Elon Musk create a social media platform?

This guy put manned people into space. He did so privately. He took on big government and did it better, cheaper, faster than they ever could. This is the guy to do it.,” Don Jr said.

While Elon Musk has not yet publicly responded to this bespoke request, he did however tweet about the pattern of bans and suspensions earlier this week.


Watch Don Jr’s video in full below!