Instagram vs Reality: The Malta Edition!


Over the past months the ‘Instagram vs Reality’ trend has taken over our feeds, with copious numbers of influencers and normal people alike have posted photos of themselves, to demonstrate that what we see on our screens isn’t always as it appears to be.

We decided to outline instances or situations where local influencers have given us the perfect examples of this trend, and here they are, nicely broken down!



When you have been waiting for the perfect backdrop, with the perfect lighting, with everything is on point…



…and then your friend steps in!



When the sun spoils your perfect summer shot…



…and then THIS happens




When you realise that a hair flick takes skill and experience…

…and luck, by the looks of it



When there is really nothing wrong with YOU per se, but some minor details in the background can really make a major difference (look closely)




When cute family selfies with a cute kid are soooo hard to master!



“We take a lot of bad photos, until we achieve a good photo.”

Just like Abigail, we really love seeing the bad photos too!