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Luke Lyttleton Gets his TikTok Account Back!


One of the OG members of The Boys Malta on TikTok, Luke Lyttleton has finally got his TikTok account back and all the followers that he had!

@lukelyttleton was removed late last month with no explanation why, at that time. Luke was quick to continue giving us a reason to smile, by creating @notlukelyttleton but, as of yesterday, HE IS BACK!



While we thank the tiktoking gods for this, the reason as to why Luke was banned is ridiculous, as he explained in one of his TikToks since his account was reactivated…TikTok thought he was UNDER AGE!


@lukelyttletonReply to @raidclanmalta and here is the explanation #malta #tiktokmalta #humor #fyp

♬ Aesthetic – Xilo

Thank you in advance for the laughs Luke!