Luke Chappel Shares Some EXCLUSIVE News with Jake about a Very Exciting Future!


Luke Chappell was Jake’s guest on the first Malta’s Top 10 for 2021, and we can safely say that the year couldn’t have started any better as Luke had some exciting, and exclusive news to share with us!

Among the things Jake and Luke spoke about, they obviously tackled Luke’s recent signing with LA record-label Bangers Only to release his pop alternative track ‘Lonely Again,’ and how the collaboration came to be.



“They found me through Head in the Clouds from Spotify and one of their reps messaged me on Instagram, and it was quite a personal thing for a record label to get in touch with an artist on Instagram – a conversation which led to an actual Facetime call. I sent him the final version of Lonely Again, after having initially sent him a raw version, for which he had some tweaks and suggestions and ‘it was perfect,’ Luke said adding that the label also liked Peter Borg’s work on the track.



Luke’s collaboration with Bangers Only has also made it possible for the track to have over a million streams on Spotify, which in and of itself is quite rare for a Maltese artist.


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As a result of Luke’s signing with the label, he will be going through quite a change, next year.

“Next Year, if everything goes right, due to the pandemic, I am going to be trying to move to Chicago next year, and I am going to be working with a lot of people in Los Angeles, and I am not excluding to participate in a reality competition, in the US,” Luke revealed!



We are sure that mirroring the great successes which Luke has enjoyed in Malta before, and especially even after his participation on The X Factor, he will go on to make big things in the USA.

Don’t forget to tune in to Malta’s Top 10, every Monday at 9:30pm with Jake!

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