Lucifer’s Second Half Of Season 5 To Debut In May



It’s official – the last eight episodes of Lucifer Season 5 will be coming down from the heavens as of May 28th, as Netflix has announced on Twitter!



Meanwhile, the first half of Season 5 originally dropped back in August and in the midseason finale, Tom Ellis’ dapper fallen angel teamed up with Amenadiel to fight their conniving brother Michael and Maze in the middle of the frozen LAPD precinct…



And in case you were wondering, the only reason the group didn’t beat each other to death was that the eternally indifferent God descended from heaven and put a stop to the brutal fight.



Anyways, Season 5B was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic, but we expect Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Michael to spend some quality time with their dear old day – but it might not be the best thing for Lucifer’s growth…



In an interview, Ellis shared, ‘It takes him back to a very primal place, and his feelings are very raw. I’m just so happy and so proud of what we’ve done. The first two episodes of the second half of season 5 are my two favourite episodes of the season, without a doubt.’



One of those episodes is of course the long-awaited MUSICAL episode (you heard that right), which was teased back in September.


Elsewhere, Lucifer is nearing the end of production on its sixth and final season, which should come our way sometime in 2022!

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